Burglars Sue Security Alarm Companies for Lost Earnings

Several security alarm companies are named defendants in a class-action lawsuit representing thousands of out-of-work burglars and home invaders. The lawsuit claims that these alarm companies have made it impossible for many burglars to properly do their jobs, forcing them to look for work in other industries. Those who’ve stayed in the industry have cited increased work-related stress.

The lawsuit claimed damages of several types, with some burglars claiming PTSD just from seeing security alarm logos. Read more

CDC Facemask Recommendations

CDC recommends that people wear fabric face coverings in public preferences and when about people who do not live in your household, particularly when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.  Cloth face coverings may assist in preventing people who’ve COVID-19 from spreading the virus to other people.

Cloth face coverings are likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings. Cloth face coverings should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise not able to remove the mask without assistance.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters don’t sell well during Summer


In response to the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon, companies have emerged to try and cash in on the phenomenon.  Once the realm of hipsters, old people with no fashion sense, and children forced to wear the ugly sweater grandma or grandpa bought them, the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon has become a staple in holiday fashion.

A few companies decided to try and make a year-round go of the phenomenon and all have failed.  In a recent interview Jason Bruntsworth from Bruntsworth Retailer Inc (which recently filed for Chapter 11) tells us:

We figured since they was selling so well in Christmas we could sell em year round.  For example, we looked at the numbers some companies were doing in December and figured we could do 12 times that amount by selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters all year round.  So we opened a store in April.  Since then we’ve sold maybe 4 sweaters.  I don’t understand!  I think maybe we must be in another recession or something.

Other “summer sweater” companies reported similarly dismal results.

Nike Enters the Muslim Swimsuit Industry

In a sea of extremely popular plus size clothing, the selection of modest coverage swimwear is more limited than it once was. The swimwear industry has been more focused on creating plus size outfits for the average woman. Now that women are going in for larger sizes, the fashion industry has finally realized the need to cater to the smaller women. Modest coverage swimwear is not something that can be left out if you are a woman that wants to wear a swimsuit during summer. What it does not do for you is the thought that modest coverage swimwear comes with a strict size specification. However, since this is a small number of clothes available today, there is no way that you will find anything too restricted. Read more

Updates on the Coronavirus

News concerning the Coronavirus information is quite exciting at the identical time. The latest upgrade from Microsoft has improved the number of all Coronavirus deaths by three times more than what it was before the upgrade was published, which I feel makes this news a whole lot more exciting than ever.

It has been proven that the newest update to Microsoft has killed over one hundred per cent of the Coronavirus disease on computers globally. This stems from individuals around the world reporting their lack of work. And with this news many have become very worried about their personal computers. Read more