Bill Cosby no longer Ugly Christmas Sweater Godfather

The ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon has grown immensely over the last few years.  Once a cottage industry that amounted to little more than a few people visiting their local charity clothing store to find a vintage sweater, the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon is a growing industry fueled by ugly sweater parties, contests and other gatherings (and even an Ugly Christmas Sweater Day).

Bill Cosby has long been heralded as the Ugly Christmas sweater godfather.  But amidst allegations of a history of unethical dating practices, the Ugly sweater industry is considering changing godfathers.

“This is serious industry and we can’t have the seriousness of the Ugly Christmas Sweater industry tarnished by these allegations” explained an ugly sweater retailer.

So who will be the new Ugly Christmas Sweater Godfather?  Early nominations apparently include Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy, though the appointing the former may require renaming the title to “Godmother” instead.  The Council of Ugly Christmas Sweater Retailers hopes to have a consensus in time for this year’s Holiday season.

Jaimee Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy named potential successors to the ugly sweater throne