Burglars Sue Security Alarm Companies for Lost Earnings

Several security alarm companies are named defendants in a class-action lawsuit representing thousands of out-of-work burglars and home invaders. The lawsuit claims that these alarm companies have made it impossible for many burglars to properly do their jobs, forcing them to look for work in other industries. Those who’ve stayed in the industry have cited increased work-related stress.

The lawsuit claimed damages of several types, with some burglars claiming PTSD just from seeing security alarm logos.

“I’ve earned some decent bucks in the past breakin’ into homes and stealin’ a few electronic items and the occasional jewelry set. But thesealarm guys are makin’ it impossible it’s like I can’t catch a break no more. I even got stress now from seeing these alarm system yard signs allovers the place. It’s like one of those disruptual technologies. I shoulda done like the smarter burglars and gotten outta this industry and into the banking sector 10 years ago. Even the dumb ones who went into multi-level marketing are doing better than me. I used to have a good peace of mind in this business. Now all I got is stress.”

No representative from any of the companies were available for comment. So we tripped our own security alarm to get them to call us (the operator refused to transfer us to their PR or legal department).